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Office space planning

    https://www.afuchsarquitetura.com/portfolio/portugues-republica-casa-da-crianca-2019/República Casa da Criança- 2019

    Technical assistance during the project development of this social project. General support along with the designated team. The foundation, of the first stage of the construction, started already.

  • https://www.afuchsarquitetura.com/portfolio/casa-da-crianca-valinhos-2013-sp/Daycare center Valinhos 2015, SP

    Technical advice and support at the construction site of the Valinhos Children’s home renovation, which began in 2014. In f2014. In february 2016 the first 3 stages were completed and the last stage will be finished soon. ILUSTRATION OF THE FRONTAL VIEW: PICTURES DURING THE EXPANSION OF THE SECOND FLOOR: PICTURES OF THE OFFICES IN   Read More …

  • https://www.afuchsarquitetura.com/portfolio/casa-da-crianca-2003-sao-paulo-sp/Daycare center 2003, creche Nosso lar, São Paulo, SP
  • https://www.afuchsarquitetura.com/portfolio/casa-da-crianca-2002-sao-paulo-sp/Daycare center 2002, creche Santo Antônio, São Paulo, SP

    One of the architects volunteers.