A Fuchs Arquitetura
Office space planning

The I&D office, located near the company labs, was forgotten and lifeless at the pandemic time. Preparations were required for the employees return to the office, and for the new hybrid work system. The area had a great potential.

The area has 90m² with glass partitions, colored walls, ceramic flooring, plants, and new furniture. The space is totally renovated. Visually, the areas are integrated by the transparency of the glass, but are functionally separated between managers and employees.

Beside the new interior design, the main change in the building was the opening of new windows. Brightening the space and bringing the outside landscape view into the office. In addition, we added two small phone booths to the staff area. Where employees can make video calls, online meetings, or simple phone calls with more privacy during working hours, without having to leave the building.

With a short renovation dead line, our team and suppliers were very important to complete the renovation on time and with perfection.